About Marcus

Marcus Fillinger is a renowned professional advertising photographer based in Canberra, Australia. He has spent the past twenty seven years developing his own distinctive and creative style.
An accomplished polar expedition leader, diver and mountaineer, Marcus is currently embarking on several upcoming extreme adventure imagery projects. Having trained, graduated and served as a Photographer in the Royal Australian Air Force, and still currently serving as a reserve photographer, Marcus has captured poignant images from around the globe with outstanding success in Australia and internationa

Marcus’ passion for photography and adventure has taken Marcus on commissioned projects around the globe, including diving with sharks, climbi
ng on Mt Everest andbecoming the worlds first to dive solo under the Geographical North Pole on his 2003 expedition.

Marcus has recently returned from capturing the unforgiving wilderness of the Arctic from beneath the ice, whi
lst filming his solo ice diving expedition documentary series entitle15 below.

Upcoming expedition imageryprojects include, the 2015 Alphadog North Pole ice dive expedition. Imagery captured on all expedition projects are sold as limited edition prints through the Global images gallerypage of this website, with all proceeds going to Marcus' animal rescue organisation – Alphadog AnimalArmy Inc.

Marcus has an impeccable reputation for excellence. A reputation built on skill, experience, commitment and integrity. A quest for excellence that has seen his clients impressed with the unique and intelligent images created.